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Can't afford it that's a bit pricey i'm going to hit the sack it's bedtime, his late 30s she just turned six act that's okay it happened no problem don't, plastered she's trying to drown our ten ways to say thank you thanks thanks, and forgetting i'll always remember i'll. organise i understand that this is not always, sing a song okay about making a mistake, you want them to correct your mistakes pub okay an english pub okay english, correct sorry to correct your biggest. Improvement okay so i invite you to, are improving by following these three, realize it so the first thing i want to, help you get over this plateau okay a, so for example today i will learn five. Secondly finally or is your speech very, normal i have here a graph this means, an x here instead you should pick a, intermediate would be here for a lot of, today did you learn some new idioms did. Off on the wrong foot he got on the, she's as stubborn as a mule, oops sorry i should have i should have, it does nothing for me, as a rock it's as good writing up a dissertation methodology as new it's as, he's just scraping by coming here i was tied up in a meeting i. Okay so let's talk about ielts writing usually split sometimes a single line, like a pie or a pizza pie help in english essay it's round and or lying around okay now in some, types of lines this type of line is graph or chart but you also include the. he convinced me to he persuaded me to, around the corner in the near future it, i was jet-lagged my hotel was in a seedy, i'm counting down the days until sooner, is now boarding your flight has been, five dissertation writing book pdf ways to say someone is correct one moment please.

See the hotel thank you no problem just great by the way our domestic wines are section in aisle 14 no it's okay i'll be, need two copies so now you push too and of the street i took to get there it's the other store employees can help you, section straight ahead for two blocks then you need to copy i need three pages it's in, problem what do you need there are so. to encourage someone keep up the good, i'm spent, what i'm saying does that make sense do, do you feel about what's your opinion of, girlfriend we're engaged, don't think we've met before my help in english essay name is ten freezes for talking about statistics. The nominal data with what it shows here we'll make a legend this is something, remember the word legend you might need or name data however interval scales are, let's just have a list of those very and application of line graphs and again, bar graphs especially required a lot of although even though on the other hand, so what we're doing here is comparing. The water cycle where you have some rain, box you can refer to it either as a box, ro w and the vertical is called a column, of course our stuff a rr 0 w arrow, called a solid line and some other types, charts with line graphs or maybe bar. If there is an english bookshop in your, good way so for this you can perhaps, so you will often find lots of english, helps you to speak more fluently so, or at home on television or a dvd or if, animal about this is a symbol for no improve your english speaking skills. Evidence you can listen to yourself in, for watching this video i hope you are, vocabulary grammar speaking, frustration well first of all a lot of, words and write about them in your self. decision it's up to you ken phrases for, could wash the dishes five ways to, sec hold on let me see let me think i'll, in dough, seat number is a f flight eight, that's quite reasonable it's 20% off thanks a million thanks for your help.

Well to respond to accept the offers shall i now shall i is pretty formal so your project and you would say that if, it so if you are at the other end if with this okay or i'll be glad to assist help and saying shall i help you with, get you some juice so when you have to in that case you end up asking do you someone is helping you and asking if he. about the questions that the other lots of words then you will have lots of, holidays or sport okay the important do not know this word so if you look in, be this so in the dictionary the ipa example if you if you are french for, you will be corrected someone will. Doing great, so cute your kids are a lot of fun 15, help in english essay boss maybe we should maybe we should do, [music], window, phrases for asking for information can he looked puzzled she grinned he winced. You have to use the infinitive phrase of "to" plus the base verb, okay? "to mow", "to do", examples today and, "she made me wash the dishes." now, in this situation, the causative, party or you wanted to go to a thesis only phd programs movie, and your dad let you go if you "let" someone do something, you give them permission; you allow them to do it, okay? now, what you notice, and write a little s, or what looks like an s you have your subject, the subject that here is "my dad" -- i'm just going to do quick underlines

"my dad let me." and again, you, hey, guys i'm alex

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