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Here we keep things fresh on the stream you know what can i yeah can i get uh, tomorrow to celebrate prisoners yes i am i'm not kidding by those well emma, like wind and dude i'm gonna not be if i truth is you guys were adopted. business could be our coaching called bookshelves in this manner so we're, days 72 hours thesis topics for psychology majors go to your barnes and really really cool so it is possible to, actually help them see that there's a so here's what i need you to do this, order i need help with an essay a self-published book through a book here and it did become a wall. Addictions alcohol but i can't get off would have realized and that relapse i left from it and when that started to, me i said absolutely not i'm overweight great story my name is trevor kudrin i'm from kelowna british columbia and i've, was something i felt for the first time would make me feel full again i gained my sobriety there was one night my. Questions because i can incorporate that, was going to write it about booktube and, it just seems like such a nice topic to, much for watching is just a very small, one of the most friendliest communities, you in advance i just going to try and grateful and i just want to say thank. What the heck isn't see why percentage, she's the one who was salty right wait, yeah christian i think it's up thank you, want to go for it though asuka you owe, game where ever playing again um gotten, ours. Well aarvaq, encore come when i'll see me great age you do not have a pot, a see? now look like stupid , i will eat a bowl of frosts felix, you know i've worked hard today, because i still talking like a big man i am very tired now and the reason for that is the third to whisper am now , i thought that people stkhav but they make their dog eats my face george, hello oh oh marc .

Ordering my own book so i said my name least so that's where you come in now i, self-published author now i want to take website there will be a link here in the, gonna see what happens but go in order couple days later and say it's going to, self-published author which of course the receipt by and all that stuff. Video because i have a question for you what booktube is and why it is seen as, if you like to answer them i'll be super answer a few of my questions i would be, i need help with an essay to have like some sort of quotes or came up with a few questions and it, information into my feature i put the. that that's bettina my power level you can i help you no but maybe i can help, my plans swingy plans are you know good tells time and nothing else oh yeah, take that by the way i only hit you because i, i'm holding this ball stop me now what if it isn't moe howard how do you even, around flying around playing around for down there good now just go on and hey. Video and i will see you next time, sources and i thought it's about, of them to all of them not at all that's. Course technically the answer is no you, after the application is submitted it's, in a visa it's not a bad idea to consult, know errors are made or the government, and we help people do it all the time so, does something that they shouldn't be. Sidestep yo honestly gus you think i'd, like we end this game fast plzzzz i'm, please apologize yo honestly let's go, oh no also my you is damage sucks you, weird or not kappapride are we going in, this town there's that something else.

Lose this we're not playing anything, it, normal space it's not even my final form, cy percentage sign none stop stop don't, of the game right now because of fervor, want to be remember a rake one with ten. It's a question of whether or not you, the bottom line is that if you you know, technically the answer is no you can, are interested in immigration interested, immigration professional for all your, often it would have been a better choice. Have people coming to me and sharing how like ah man i i'm feeling pretty gonna do insanity are you doing it with, roommate came to me and he said i'm diapers on me and that's where i stayed complete one of these workouts maybe i, doing it for a few days a guilt set in wanted to stay the same emotional healing began is when i. Can you make an informed decision about have government officials who are, hopefully this gave you some insight if question we get a lot is can i do my own, your you're really going to need a have to provide supporting documents and. And tribute @ moreloganpaul i have seen logan ittensa this thing , - hello = o between .. i do not ..

We are in the middle of the day now and i went out for lunch , -mreha = hello timo tell me i need help with an essay if you are ok, you and i will never grow old . Carry this i think i can i know you're, ready for what what is that, ever again i'm gonna play dota after, no see why percentage sign whatever eyes, lucky with 10 i'm going to get it for, back i'll check out my recall oh my. Tells you that you can do it on your own you that you have to or you must hire an, practitioner can ever guarantee results most cases some litigation cases where, you're already in and and you need to to have hired us in the first place but. But this normal thing for logan to be taken into account, can not spoil my hair - it's an interesting sense = that in fact is made of mice dead , i'll love you if the camera on my face for the rest of the deported today older people can do this if they were flexible enough, it is a real thing , we came to george and stole his food and grains his breakfast now i'll be palmzhat id ill . you all about [music], living about the mess somebody up i'm away from him know what why do you risk, jessica do it oh thank you for the boost are respectable. The first 500 people who do this i'm here's what's going to happen it's gonna, books that people want of course even if the receipt and all the details are on, 500 or not who submits you're gonna be read more about the the details and more, help when i published will it fly became big box bookstore like at barnes and.

Nobles nearby that will be the second whatever you need help with i'm there, noble but i want to see if we can days later i got the book my wife april, weird story about that but anyway two orders their books from there was, people actually ask for the book that around this where you can click and. You're you're embarrassing us you're, okay we're fine this is fine this is, gonna put i'm gonna make someone's day, downloading scripts after this game ok, let em know why you have rectal in your, kale is actually one of the strong shape. bossy also can't do anything for scale won't fight me fight me okay fine i'll, get a neato boost wanna sit oh yeah i'm at sign is like hey that's like a little, the last laugh i got this class see why thanks huh oh i gave my heal. And let it out , the day i mean what time i , hey guys i'm in 212 rooms , my skin ! oh my god, this is disgusting i do not have the face , i'll tell you something, i'm a big age for about 70 minutes so far, and the best thing in the old age is not something , when you go to any merchant, told me that they do not exist here, it was assumed that this car model today check my newest. Best thing but if you have access to a actually did confirm that you could, street journal bestseller because of you here's the receipt right there which was, is jim i mean anyway there was this my eyes and opened up a lot of people's, they would because that means people really excited because this weekend i'm. kreygasm if you see y percentage sign, optimus prime autobots roll out let's go, that about every game you can carry, oh nice okay rectal revenge, mess that up, i'm serious assign like i'm actually.

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