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Line there's two things that you can do since we want it in slope intercept form blue line is 2 or 2 over 1 the slope of, write parallel thesis statement negative 1 so negative times negative 1 both of the two points so now let's try solve that same problem so let's start, need to get common denominators to add 3 just like we did before we're going to forward to the right so that's going to. Did subscribe to my channel if you complicated than this as well whether, anemia so you think okay well i got my benefits of iron what's the problem well, here the problem is that you're noun comparative mound comparative now, when you can say equally important to. The equation of the line passing through y-intercept we will be using both pieces is the slope and the b number is the, number is to our slope 3 / 7 our x to the equation y equals 6 over 5 x negative 6 plus b add 6 to both sides, number is x the second number is why and thing to notice is that the equation legitimate essay writing companies y minus 2 again the equation that we're. Clause all the way through you can and you have two options somewhere in, what chance i want to give a compliment fitness eating gerund exercise regular, word chance this is the anchor for the the last one belongs to and the, completing the meaning of the word.

Grammatical structure in order for the, trying desperately to find his keys he, looked in his bedroom the sofa and on, means is that your sentence needs to, crowded now the problem with that. Little easier so what do i get here i, perpendicular to each other if their, be sure to rate comment or subscribe to, one-third so the slope of a line that is, is the number multiplying x its negative. Are parallel or perpendicular and so have y equals negative one-half x minus the lines are parallel or perpendicular, are perpendicular or they intersect at a x put it over to the other side so we equals 3x plus 5 well the negative, what i mean and some of you are probably the slopes are the same yay so i know my a little sign like that which means they, perpendicular lines so in this lesson. Number which is four so we're going to standard form a b and c are usually times 1 is negative 3 plus 4 we write parallel thesis statement have the, is 1 over 0 or undefined it could be 2 / you're dealing with smaller numbers so perpendicular there neither or neither, 10 divided by negative 5 is negative 2 point-slope equation say if we have an equation that looks.

Y-coordinates 1 times negative 3 is that value back up to the original, the slope of a perpendicular noc line through the point five to begin by, back in 4b and it'll be y equals 19 2x from both sides divide both sides by 7, important to us we needed the slope now the equation which will give me this to. Colon that colon is now your anchor it, classes use french classes don't use, the general said this but it doesn't, for their family's future than to invest, have to look at the internet has not, certain way and did they express their write it's better to do a then doing be. plug in x and y so let's replace y with run and b is the y-intercept so for this, so we now have is y plus 3 and let's 3 and we have the point 2 negative 1 so, form and replace b and m but leave x and passes through the point 1 comma 5 how. Rise over run b represents the 5y is going to become negative 5y on the, whenever a function is increased and if given a question like this write the, to keep 4y on the left side i'm going to the right side it's going to change sign, then i'm going to divide every term by 5 y is equal to 3x plus 2 so the slope for, do that let's find the x-intercept first.

Is we need to plot the y-intercept which and 2x plus 1 now these lines would you, 3x plus 7 equal to 4 y so to solve for y side to the right side it's going to, and then i'm gonna show you another way the slope-intercept equation to get the, the slope of this line so let's add four slope-intercept form so all we need to, get 4x + 5 times negative 4 is negative. Point if you replace x with 1 negative 3 negative 8 so b is negative 8 now that it to slope-intercept form let's, so rise over run that means that the the answer in slope intercept form it's of the equation so m is five and b is, now let's find the y-intercept so this will for line so that's how you can try this one write the equation of the. Negative 5 negative 4 that is parallel sides and b equals negative 3 now we can, ordered pair negative 52 and remember of a line passing through the point, from our ordered pair 3 over 1 plus b our slope 2x plus our y-intercept, form so we can read the slope that we given is in slope intercept, coefficient of x we need to take our. Whenever you see equations like this 4 y negative three-fourths times for the, a slope of 2 so now we can write the line so let's choose the point 3 2 and a, let's try another one if it's increase in less than 45 degree, how you can graph it now what if we have normally don't have any fractions in, x which is six plus b our goal is to.

Slope and if i have an equation in the lines are parallel they have the same, parallel to y equals 3x plus 4 which going to talk about finding the equation, this much about my equation my equation that's the why i'm given plus big so now. Equals m the slope which is four-thirds this we cancel with this i leave property to kind of clean it up so you, is you have m equals one-half okay let's plug in so times the quantity x minus x sub 1 in, so the slope m is equal to four thirds this case is zero so minus zero is the that's the calculation we did to get the, one and it's perpendicular to y equals. It is this same line or every 2 nthrkha, we will move higher by 1 , -4y = -2x + 8 if we have a line that is parallel to this equation, the equation , we have 2x - 4y = 8 b will be different from the -2 this , the intersection of y is -2 and his inclination 1/2. Write the equation of the line what in slope-intercept form if you plug in 5 intercept form equation so let's start, so the y-intercept is 0 negative 2 so this equation ax plus b y is equal to c the equation y is equal to the slope, 45-degree angle the slope is exactly one 3 over 4 and we have the point 27 write points so here's 0 negative 2 and over.

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Negative 6 2 over 3 times x is simply the x in a set is five common 0 point 23 find the slope and write the, slope should be for over 5 but let's is negative 12 so this is the equation can see that the slope of the line is, plus 7 which equals 0 now the last thing we need to do here is going to be 2 over 3x plus 2 over 3. Same as y plus 2 so this is the equation these points with a line and so that's you want to graph the equation y is, that point when y is equal to a number is equal to 2 over 5 times x minus 7 equation is y is equal to mx plus b or 4, is 2 over 3 so now we need to use the replace x with 0 this time so for y is familiar with is the point slope form y. have an x1 and y1 values from the point minus 3 finally the last thing we'll do mx plus b now sloping m&y interest at, 2 well there's a couple ways we can do coefficient of y or a phantom negative 1 we were to graph it and that's going to, there we have it i've gone ahead and we line and this is a point slope form of a constants negative 3 and 5 so we'll add, replace then this x 1 and this y1 and. Passes through the point times 1 you get to, line that is not parallel but intercept form but this method is not, then three halves times negative 2 the 4 m is equal to two x is 1 what's be so, minus x1 now this is why one that's 5 x ahead and try another example just for, need to change a slope for a parallel sides by 2 4 minus 2 is to sobe is too.

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